Sitges Museums say: “We are all (g)one”

I have this dear friend, Sharon, who’s a nurse in the UK,  worried about the turn of the events in England, we agree that it’s taking people too long to realise the importance of confinement; and says that she’s got a week off scheduled; I suggested her not to make plans because here in Spain things are already on the next level; the schools are closed, shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas, anywhere where people can meet like us, Sitges Museums; we are also very aware of our older parents or grandparents, sharing thoughts about each other’s health and checking on our WhatsApp constantly to see the new stay-at-home memes and in my case, working from home. I’m very lucky to work online, you Sharon will go to the trench and I will wish you and all of your colleagues everywhere the best of luck.

Let me present myself, I am Susana; I work here in the Sitges museums,  where I would usually tell people the stories I love about all the Heritage in Sitges, its architecture, gallery of painters, sculptures, and stories behind it, the little things that remain in our heads. But every visitor is different, so every time it will be a different story, I won’t explain to you the same as the person before because we’re all that little peculiar and in two seconds I have to understand what you want to know, sure the basics will be the same, but not the detail. Each and everyone of us has a different origin, yet we are all going in the same direction and the same confinement.

We close to reinvent ourselves / Sitges Museums

Dear visitors, we miss you. We miss our little chats, your questions, your smiles, your cameras -yes, they are very much in use-;we miss the ones of you that install the app and do the things the proper way, looking for a meticulous understanding of what you’re looking at, or those that just want to keep chatting with their friends, oblivious ok whatever there is around them (obviously because friends are more important). I admire the parents that have the patience to teach their children all those unfamiliar things, these are calm boys and girls that listen quietly which is curious because those same kids, some years before, ran around playing with the tiles on the floor. You people are amazing. And we realize again that we are in this together, we are in everything as a collective.

We would like to get across to you and show you in this site snippets of the Museums of Sitges, who we are, who works here, our friends. We’d like to tell you of the museum’s adventures and misadventures, we are a crazy crowd indeed and we miss each other already, working online is not the same, there’s no energy field, it’s all behind some shiny screen, some of us work online some of us do not, working as a guide or museum guard does not blend well with online work. Or does it?

We are getting ready to opening again / Sitges Museums

Best Greetings!

Susana Preston, guide and visitors attention for Sitges Museums

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2 respostes a “Sitges Museums say: “We are all (g)one”

  1. Wonderul my beloved Susana. We are one. And Sitges, and the world will emerge from this strong and bright.
    I will are you all soon at the museum. xx


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